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JDHuntr features hundreds of in-house counsel jobs from corporate employers across the U.S. Employers can post in-house jobs free and reach thousands of attorneys in most major cities in the U.S. In-House Jobs are listed for a four month period with the option to repost based on the employer's need. Attorneys can apply for in-house jobs using the contact instructions you've provided. Employers if you need assistance recruiting a General Counsel or Counsel we can help. Click here to contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP. Good Hunting - JDHuntr In-House Jobs

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JDHUNTR In-House Jobs is a law job board for attorneys looking to go in-house.

We feature hundreds of in-house jobs directly from corporate employers across the U.S. Browse In-House jobs at all levels of experience from Senior Vice President, General Counsel to Counsel. Only Legitimate In-House law jobs are featured on JDHUNTR. We do not accept job posts from 3rd party legal recruiters and we do not post job feeds from other job boards. Why subscribe to JDHUNTR? You can browse and apply directly to hundreds of in-house counsel jobs, search by job category or location, bookmark in-house jobs, organize your job search, post a resume and signup for in-house job alerts. In-House jobs are posted regularly, so content is current. Subscribe today to start your search for the ideal in-house job.



JDHUNTR In-House Jobs

Corporate employers need talented attorneys at all levels of experience to join their in-house legal department. This is your opportunity to browse hundreds of in house counsel jobs and apply directly to employers across the U.S. All in-house jobs are organized by location and job category (general corporate, litigation etc.) for easy viewing. Any time you have a question about a job, contact us we're here to help you. Our staff is dedicated to finding and posting only legitimate in-house jobs. We never accept job posts from 3rd party legal recruiters or job feeds from other sources.



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